About Us

Zahra Hassan, the Founder and Creative Head of AK Collection bought together her unmatchable sense of style and love for jewellery creating finest jewellery pieces! As a modern luxury brand, AK Collection focuses on timeless designs created with the intention of being ethnically beautiful enriched with traditions! Zahra Hassan also focuses on the entire process from designing to production to provide best costumer satisfaction! From the materials to packaging everything is given priority to become one the leading brands in the country!

AK Collection brings vibrant, sharp & iconic jewellery pieces bringing together traditional jewellery making techniques with a contemporary & edgy style!Coming from a rich heritage, AK Collection’s designs are timeless yet vibrant creating an irresistible charm with the strong use of natural colours and traditional forms!
Each jewel has been expertly hand crafted aiming to capture every single eye in the room, in any occasion. Whilst allowing the wearer to expose their style & creativity without compromise!